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Gold sponsors

We are grateful to our Gold sponsors for committing £ 10,000 towards this world Congress. The sponsorship monies will enable EB 2020 to be a truly ground-breaking industry event and to have longevity beyond the four days of Congress.

We look forward to working with our sponsors.

To find out more about becoming a sponsor please visit our sponsorship opportunities page to see the benefits of sponsoring EB 2020 for your company. Jenny Jackson, Sponsorship Lead would be delighted to talk about tailoring the packages for your company’s needs, please contact Jenny via to discuss ways your company can get involved.

Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals

Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals (CCP) is a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing innovative therapies for patients with rare, serious or debilitating dermatologic conditions.

The company, with offices in Parsippany, New Jersey and Chicago, Illinois, is dedicated to developing and bringing novel therapies to those living with epidermolysis bullosa.


Flen Health is a privately owned, globally active medical device company with roots in Belgium.

The company was founded in 2000 by Philippe Sollie, a pharmacist, based on the results of his research to develop an ointment that efficiently heals wounds without being cytotoxic.

Innovation and patient-centricity have always been a focus for Flen, leading to the development of a range of advanced products for the treatment of difficult-to-heal wounds and other skin conditions.

All Flen products are easy to use and non-cytotoxic, built on decades of in-house wound treatment research.

Flen Health’s products are available from Flen Health’s own national subsidiaries, present in 5 European countries, and through partnerships with 20 distributors covering the rest of the world.


Founded in 2002, Istanbul Medikal provides a range of healthcare products for patients with dermatological conditions such as EB. We specialise in wound care products and garments which help to promote comfort and healing.

We actively collaborate with healthcare professionals and patients alike in order to understand their needs.

Our goal is to expand awareness of our products and to show that high quality products need not come at a high price.

Krystal Biotech

Krystal Biotech, Inc. is using gene therapy to develop effective and novel treatments for skin diseases. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of underserved patient populations with debilitating skin diseases.

The gene therapies that Krystal Biotech is developing are designed to introduce therapeutic genes into a patient's cells. The genes are introduced into these cells using a modified HSV-1 virus that has been engineered to render the virus harmless to the patient. Specifically, the virus is modified so that it will not replicate in the patient's cells. In addition, the new genes that are introduced by the virus do not integrate into the cell's native genetic material.

Once the modified viral vector has delivered the genes into the skin cells, the genes then make (express) the encoded functional protein, supplementing the non-functional proteins expressed from the patient's own genome, thereby providing treatment to the underlying source of the disease. We call this our "STAR-D" technology and we are using it initially to develop topical treatments for rare or orphan dermatological indications such as EB.

Phoenix Tissue Repair

Phoenix Tissue Repair is a Boston-based biotechnology company focused on developing transformational disease-modifying treatments for dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (DEB). Phoenix is advancing an investigational therapy known as PTR-01, a protein replacement therapy which uses a recombinant collagen type VII (rC7) for the potential treatment of RDEB.

The company is part of the BridgeBio Pharma LLC ("BridgeBio") family. BridgeBio is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company working to create life-altering medicines that target well-characterized genetic diseases at their source.

Ferris Mfg. Corp.

Founded in 1977, Ferris Mfg. Corp. has been dedicated to developing innovative products that bring desired and effective results to the healing process of wounds and soft tissue injuries. A line of their products has helped to manage pain and heal the wounds of EB patients for over 30 years. Ferris is a privately owned producer and distributor of various dressings.

Ferris is committed to providing innovative and superior quality products and service to customers. Ferris has developed a Quality System to meet and exceed the standards and regulations of the United States, Canada, the European Union, and other countries and organizations of the world.


ConvaTec is a global medical products and technologies company with leading market positions in advanced wound care, ostomy care, continence and critical care.

ConvaTec are best known for a range of dressings that launched over 20 years ago with a breakthrough technology, which works by gelling on contact with exudate to create an optimal environment for healing and helps minimise pain associated with dressing changes. Since then we’ve never stopped innovating with our range.

ConvaTec are delighted to support this inaugural Global EB event. Education is at the heart of our value-added approach to wound care. We take great pride in our team of specialist clinicians who provide industry leading educational services to the NHS.